“For those of you who are hearing about us for the first time let me give you a quick overview of what Free Enterprise Society Services is and offers.  First and foremost Free Enterprise Society Services is dedicated to returning our federal government back to its Constitutional limitations.  Shawn O’Connor is the founder and Director of Free Enterprise Society Services. He has a Doctor of Common Law degree (DCL) from the Universal Life University. Shawn has over 29 years experience as a paralegal and researcher.  The various areas of law in which he has delved into stretches one’s imagination.  He has written various treatises and articles ranging from taxes, the importance of an elected official’s oath, the nature and effect of strict liability laws, the need for the electoral college in federal elections, to and including a thesis discussing the legal defense of “duress” just to name a few.  Shawn wrote newsletters for Free Enterprise Society for almost 20 years, which discussed complex issues of law to reporting actual cases on which he was working.  His writings were, and still are well received, respected and enjoyed by everyone. His articles have been published in other newsletters in and around the country.

Shawn is also an accomplished professional public speaker having given thousands of seminars and lectures since 1986.  He has attended and hosted conventions such as Freedom Law School Conventions, Bill Benson Conventions, and Free Enterprise Society Conventions at which he has been a main speaker, and guest.  Shawn has presented all day classes discussing various aspects of  the Constitution.  His classes, seminars, and lectures have been viewed and heard by thousands and  thousands of people, nationwide and abroad.

From administrative, civil, and criminal tax law to contract law, civil rights law, quiet title actions, tort actions, community property laws, and many other areas, Shawn has had years of experience.  Shawn has worked and studied with various constitutional attorneys throughout the country so he brings a diverse amount of skill and knowledge to the table.  He has assisted in over 60 criminal tax cases, both state and federal.  In those cases in which he has been involved there was a positive outcome, if not an outright win in 2/3 of them.  Free Enterprise Society Services deals with various Federal income tax matters and other areas of Federal Law regardless of the state in which you live.

Free Enterprise Society Services offers expertise to our members with civil and administrative government situations in many different areas, along with income taxes.  This program was primarily designed to assist its members in the area of state and federal income taxes.  But, as time has gone by we have expanded into other areas such as civil rights actions, quiet title actions, and tort actions — just to name a few — as our researchers and paralegals have increased their areas of knowledge.  Therefore, if a  member has a situation involving any government administrative agency, or any problem of such nature, assistance might be only a phone call away.

Free Enterprise Society Services’ (FESS) is one of the very few, if not the only organization to offer expert assistance in the area of criminal income tax matters for those who believe they are not required to file federal or state income tax returns or pay income taxes and are charged with the “political crime” of failure to file an income tax return.  In many instances we can assist in other criminal tax charges, even if a tax return has been filed with the government for the years in question.  Each situation is dealt with on a case by case basis so we would need to discuss your case with you to see if our services fit your circumstances.

But that isn’t all.  Free Enterprise Society Services (FESS) also assists its members with Traffic Citations and traffic related problems.  The purpose of which is to restore our right to travel and put an end to the revenue collection activity by the police department and highway patrol.

FESS deals primarily with California State Law when it comes to State Law matters unrelated to income taxes.  However, we can and do offer assistance in handling state matters in other States because of our extensive research capabilities.  Together, with your help, we can provide you with assistance and answers to your situation; or at the very least, point you in a direction which you can take to possibly solve your situation.

FESS can also assist you in seeking help with asset protection as well as establishing business entities which may have more benefits for you than merely doing business as a sole proprietor.  Asset protection extends to securing your assets so that your assets do not become liabilities to you and your loved ones.

When you become a member of Free Enterprise Society Services you will be provided with a Handbook presenting you with a more detailed outline of our capabilities.  This Handbook, while extensive, is not intended to be all inclusive.

Please take time to encourage others to visit our website at the addresses listed below.  We believe you will find the website interesting and informative.  We also hope you consider joining FESS.  It costs $150.00 to join FESS the first year.  Thereafter, it costs only $50.00 a year to maintain membership.  If you like what you see, learn and/or the assistance you receive you may wish to consider a life-time membership for a one time membership fee of $600.00.  Of course, FESS cannot provide services on the strength of the membership fee alone.  If you need assistance from FESS, there are costs and cost options for assistance.

We at Free Enterprise Society Services hope this message finds you and yours well and that you enjoy life, prosper in your efforts and reach your goals, whatever they may be.


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